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This week’s topic 11:


Holistic Living: Infusing Spirituality into your Daily Religious Practices


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2018 Canadian Holistic Wellness Retreat

We are currently collaborating with the Maroon Indigenous leaders of Quêbec to provide the 1st Annual International Heritage Development & Holistic Wellness Retreat. For more details about workshops, upcoming online courses, certifications, and facilitators please contact us at 931-682-6878 and/or tune into the next broadcast of Divine Intelligence on to hear from the directors about updates.

Upcoming Courses now open for enrollment!!!


*Chakra Development Course~

{$50 Deposit Due Date Extended to- Nov 10, 2017}

Now Enrolling 10 week course. This course is a Prerequisite for Reiki I Attunement which students can opt to receive at the end of the course after successfully completion & testing.

Learn how to release stress & tension, evolve from past trauma, cleanse & clear your chakras for   improved daily life.

The course begins with an in depth Chakra Reading to find the condition of the 7 major chakras & more depending on the spiritual evolution of the student.  Each week students will receive a Holistic Life Coaching Session complete with tips to cleanse, clear & balance their bio-energetic fields. This will also have a positive affect on the vitality, life force, as well as the functions of the Aura. The goal of this course is to assist students with evolving through higher levels of self-awareness and awakening to a more enhanced quality of life.

The Chakras govern the areas of self-identity & awareness, relationships, one’s ability to manifest desires, finances & career, the ability give and receive love, communicate one’s truth, envision a better reality for oneself, openness to receiving Divine messages about making the best decisions for growth,  enjoyment of life and more!  This course offers immediate methods for the repair and maintenance of the Chakras that you can use well after the course has finished for years to come.


Divine Mind Development Course Official Autumn 2016
Divine Mind Development: Sacred Sisterhood Course 📅Daily morning rituals, Weekly meetings held online for Sistars abroad, & Bi-weekly meetings held for Sistars in the local PA/NJ/DE/MD/NY area 13wk Online course includes: 🔥2 Chakra Readings 💨2 Aura Readings 💻online group classes for your convienence 🌱Daily Life Balancing Rituals with Grand High Priestess Kaylani 🌙Moon phase ritual meetings for local students (where applicable) 🎋Powwow gatherings with Chieftess Kaylani 👑Meditation, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Relaxation, Stress Reduction Life Enhancement, Weekly Coaching Support, Sisterhood & More! 📜Spirit Animal Reading at Naming Ceremony & Grassroots Healer Certificate awarded upon completion. Initiated Sistars may proceed to Priestess training & tribal membership! Donation Options available Call 931.682.6878 to find out about orientation times.


*Now Enrolling for Winter 2017 Sessions!





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Spiritual Readings & Specialties:

Love & Relationships

Career & Finance

Life Questions

Aura Readings

Chakra Readings

Chi Readings

Totem Animal Shaman Readings

Medium Readings

Kundalini Readings

Numerology Readings

Akashic Record Readings

Channel Readings

Reiki Healing

Pranic Healing

Energy Clearing & Balancing

Customized Mantras

Individual & Group Ascension Healing Rituals

& much more!

****All Spiritual Readings can be done over the phone or online. If any blockages, stagnation, or negative energy disruptions are found you can ask for a Reiki Distance Healing Session to have it removed. All Spiritual Readings & Reiki Distance Healing can be done no matter where you are on the globe!

***To Request Grand High Priestess Kaylani Spiritual Consultations at your next event


Phone: 931-682-6878 or Email

Spiritual Reading Specialties~Aura, Chakra, Chi, Totem/Medium, Numerology, Akashic Record, Kundalini, & Channeled Readings.

 Highly Requested : Crisis Intervention, Libations, Reiki & Pranic Healing, Space Clearing, Sacred Rituals, Officiate Rites of Passage Ceremonies (sealed certificates included), Lecture, Holistic Workshops, or Healing Circles with Spiritual Readings, etc.


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