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Set your intentions in the morning and in the evening meditate to consciously maintain your spiritual center and connection to the source of  your inner divinity.

 Here are some affirmations that are suggested to assist you throughout your week. But first here are a few notes that help to clarify the intentions & actions associated with making affirmations, chanting, mantras, zikring and/or repeating prayers.

  • Whatever you meditate on, affirm or visualize, adds to the telepathic communication between your personal mind & the Cosmic Divine Mind.
  • Once your thought becomes a cause in the cosmic mind, its creative power sets into motion psychological, psychic and spiritual laws for the manifestation of that thought in your personal life.


  • By thinking positively each day, the energies of your mind will be better attuned to The Divine, which will gradually open your crown chakra to positive messages and guidance from The Most Benevolent.
  • Affirmations, chanting, mantras, zikring & prayer treatments that are given daily, create a mental atmosphere for the cosmic mind to telepathically communicate with one’s conscious mind with creative ideas and direction in life.


What’s your POWER ANIMAL?
Getting Ready
To do these affirmations correctly, get into a comfortable position & take 4 slow deep breaths in through your nose & out through your nose. Then begin to say each of these at least 10 times (becoming a mantra) to begin to magnetize the benefits of each of these affirmations. When you are finished, seal up this light meditation session between you & your suggestive, subconscious, & unconscious mind by saying: Ashe, Amen, Amin, So Be It or It is Done ( you could also choose to say all of these or any other phrase that you feel comfortable with).
 Journal any ideas, thoughts, or feelings that may come to mind afterword.
 If you’re a beginner try doing 4 a day. Then, eventually add more.
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 Affirmative Meditations

Listen to the brief message before doing each set, for an enhanced experience.

1. “Divine forgiveness releases me from pain into more harmonious living.”
2. “I accept the holy design of my past, present & future. “
3. “My life is precious.”
4. “I trust that the divine is working for my benefit at all times, in all places, in all situations.”
5. “Fears & weaknesses are challenges to overcome.”


6. “I am increasingly honest with myself.”


7. “The Divine within me is much more powerful than any challenge I face.”


8. “Each day, by the Will of The Divine & my sincerest efforts, I am growing & perfecting my self-mastery.”


Listen to the Maat-ical Self,  an episode of the blogtalkradio show ‘Staying Spiritually Centered With Chieftess Kaylani’, a spiritual health series brought to you by the First World Order Network.…/2015/04/05/maat-ical-self

9. “At all times, I am connected to the divine light within me.”


10. “As my sacred loving relationship with myself grows, I let go of thoughts & emotions that no longer serve me.”
11. “The Divine loves me, & I am in love with the Divine within me.”


12.”The Divine protects me, sustains me, & nourishes me.”

 42 Laws of Maat

The 42 Laws of Maat are our ancestral codified ethical standards of daily living which help us to uphold Balance, Truth, and Justice. The modern day interpretations of how to verbalize them in the morning, are taken from page 12 of Queen Afua’s, “Sacred Woman” book, many blessings to her for this great resource.

You can add these to your other affirmations, your early morning ritual & meditation. This will help you to comprehend the meaning, purpose, & intentions behind your words & actions. If practiced consistently, throughout the day you will be able to enforce these affirmations by keeping your word with yourself which will help to improve your self-trust and self confidence while helping to reduce the creation of negative karma.

At the end of the day with you may go back into your memory of the day & reconfirm that you have not violated your word. Be sincere & honest because Ya Shaheed, the Divine Witness is present monitoring all of your intentions, thoughts, & actions.

If, at the end of the day, you find that you have made some violations, sincerely ask for forgiveness & also (very important) do what you must to set things right with everyone involved. Following these ancient & karmic principles with full sincere effort from your body+mind+spirit connection,  will increase your wisdom, knowledge of self, & quality of life, by the Will of The Divine.

Within the Moor-ish Divine & National Movement, we strive to uplift fallen humanity. However, we must remember not to neglect ourselves & instead take the time to nurture, protect & improve our individual connection to the Divine. With continuous daily recitation of the 42 Laws of Maat, you are assisting us all, by spiritually uplifting yourself. Thank you!



  1. I will not do wrong.
  2. I will not steal.
  3. I will not act with violence.
  4. I will not kill.
  5. I will not act unjustly.
  6. I will not cause pain.
  7. I will not waste food.
  8. I will not lie.
  9. I will not desecrate holy places.
  10. I will not speak evil.
  11. I will not abuse my sexuality.
  12. I will not cause the shedding of tears.
  13. I will not sow seeds of regret.
  14. I will not be an aggressor.
  15. I will not act guilefully.
  16. I will not lay waste the plowed land.
  17. I will not bear false witness.
  18. I will not set my mouth in motion against any person.
  19. I will not be wrathful and angry except for a just cause.
  20. I will not copulate with a man’s wife.
  21. I will not copulate with a woman’s husband.
  22. I will not pollute myself.
  23. I will not cause terror.
  24. I will not pollute the earth.
  25. I will not speak in anger.
  26. I will not turn away from words of right and truth.
  27. I will not utter curses.
  28. I will not initiate a quarrel.
  29. I will not be excitable or contentious.
  30. I will not prejudge.
  31. I will not be an eavesdropper.
  32. I will not speak overmuch.
  33. I will not commit treason against my Ancestors.
  34. I will not waste water.
  35. I will not do evil.
  36. I will not be arrogant.
  37. I will not blaspheme NTR (the Divine), The One Most High.
  38. I will not commit fraud.
  39. I will not mistreat children.
  40. I will not mistreat animals.
  41. I will not defraud temple offerings.
  42. I will not plunder the dead.



  1. I have not done wrong.
  2. I have not stolen.
  3. I have not acted with violence.
  4. I have not killed.
  5. I have not acted unjustly.
  6. I have not caused pain.
  7. I have not wasted food.
  8. I have not lied.
  9. I have not desecrated holy places.
  10. I have not spoken evil.
  11. I have not abused my sexuality.
  12. I have not caused the shedding of tears.
  13. I have not sown seeds of regret.
  14. I have not been an aggressor.
  15. I have not acted guilefully.
  16. I have not laid waste the plowed land.
  17. I have not borne false witness.
  18. I have not set my mouth in motion against any person.
  19. I have not been wrathful and angry, except for a just cause.
  20. I have not copulated with a mans wife.
  21. I have not copulated with a woman’s husband.
  22. I have not polluted myself.
  23. I have not caused terror.
  24. I have not polluted the earth.
  25. I have not spoken in anger.
  26. I have not turned from words of right and truth.
  27. I have not uttered curses.
  28. I have not initiated a quarrel.
  29. I have not been excitable or contentious.
  30. I have not prejudged.
  31. I have not been an eavesdropper.
  32. I have not spoken overmuch.
  33. I have not committed treason against my Ancestors.
  34. I have not wasted water.
  35. I have not done evil.
  36. I have not been arrogant.
  37. I have not blasphemed NTR (nature, The All Divine), the One Most High.
  38. I have not committed fraud.
  39. I have not mistreated children.
  40. I have not mistreated animals.
  41. I have not defrauded temple offerings.
  42. I have not plundered the dead.

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