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      Chief, Grand High Priestess & Grand Sheikhess, Sheikha Zaynabou Kaylani El Bey, B.A., M.H., D.M., L.N.H.C., N.P., R.M.T.  is a descendent of the Lenni Lenape Nanticoke Nation (aka Delaware Indians).  She has been working in the field of Holistic Wellness for over a decade and has several certifications which allow her to offer a variety of consultations and pastoral counseling to those in need. In 2006 after graduating with honors from Rowan University with a B.A. in History, with concentrations in African American Studies, Women’s Studies & International Studies, while working professionally in Human Resources,  she founded the Grand Temple of Denderah (GTD) African Girls Rites of Passage training, program regiment Training.  As Program Chair on the Board of Trustees for the Underground Railroad Historical Site, Educational Center & Museum, Priestess Kaylani began her work as a priestess by creating, facilitating and officiating  young girls 8-13yrs old locally within the  GTD African Girls Rites of Passage training program in Burlington, NJ.

In 2008 Priestess Kaylani was ordained a High Priestess after the Cosmic Golden Re-Order of Melchisedek and was also went through Reiki I & II training by the Prince of the United Washitaw. Later that same year she took her shahada and bayat within the Mouridiya, which is the  Muslim West African Senegalese Sufi order founded by Shaykh Ahmadou Bamba, founder of the holy city of Touba, Senegal. By 2010, Priestess Kaylani  earned her Reiki Master Teacher and  Natural Holistic Consultant & certifications, expanded her services & continued to study.

In 2014, due to her continuous work, after studying directly & closely with her Shaykh, and due to her exemplary leadership, by the blessing of the Most High Creator, High Priestess Kaylani, further became ordained as  Divine Minister, Grand Sheikess and Grand High Priestess, gaining recognition to create her own priesthood according to what is right and just. By this time, GHP Kaylani had also fulfilled training requirements to further re-establish the legacy of her tribal nation by helping others to identify their authentic aboriginal American identity and reclaim their tribal nation origins.

Priestess Kaylani is an authentic Shamaness, considered “the real deal”, oracle, mystic, and psychic by all of her teachers, with strong and ever growing intuitive abilities. She uses Numerology to help others learn about soul progression, where they are in their present life, what to expect this year & next year, natural personality traits, life purpose, how to overcome challenges to manifest their potential, and much more.

Without using any external tools, Grand High Priestess Kaylani is able to read Auras, Chakras, Chi, Totems, Kundalini & Akashic Records with extraordinary accuracy, whether you are right in front of her or speaking to her from the other side of the globe.

GHP Kaylani sees more than just the color of your aura, she can see the elements & objects that are enveloped in it, look into your past, present & indications about your future & explain to you the significance immediately. She can see the color, size, movement & condition of not only the 7 main Chakras that govern different areas of your life, such as your perception of self, childhood development, relationships, will power, ability to offer & receive love, intuition development, and connection to beings on high, but she can also check into the development of chakras within & outside of the body.

She has been gifted with the very unique ability to scan for the presence of your Twin Flame. If you’re suffering from the effects of energetic vampires, or are just stressed, drained & tired every day, GHP Kaylani can look into your Chi meridians to find any interruptions or disturbances in your Chi flow & give advice that works, about how to correct it, so that your vitality returns.

One of her many abilities as a Shamaness, is that she can see the Animal Spirit Totem(s) that are trying to communicate their healing methods to you about how to move past your present challenges. GHP Kaylani can see the present stage of development of your Kundalini & tell you how to expand & grow further.

With her Akashic Record Psychic Readings, she can answer questions about your present & near future based on your sub-conscious, unconscious and the unseen energy that you emit. Her services have been repeatedly used by Royalty, tribal chiefs, other shamans, psychics, intuitives, ministers, sufis etc., to gain further guidance about how to proceed in their public & private affairs.

YabuzaGardens Zaynabou

Aboriginally trained & Licensed Natural Path & Holistic Consultant, Pranic Healer, Pranayama Yoga practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher of 3 different styles, GHP Kaylani possesses a high intelligence to interpret the meaning of what she intuitively sees, to offer insight about what holds you back from success in relationships, career, finances, day to day living, discovering your life purpose & moving along the path of manifesting your destiny. She can sense exactly where blockages, stagnation, tension, stress & negative energy exists within your personal energy fields.

GHP Kaylani can immediately discuss how those blockages affect your everyday life, and offer tips on how to cleanse, clear & purify your meridians before blockages become physical health issues. She is adept at distance and remote healing & Kaylani’s readings have helped many to vibrate on a higher frequency to achieve more than their goals.

She teaches different forms of meditation for stress reduction & creates mantras for those in need, to increase self-awareness. Most of her work involves initiating both children & adults as they progress through the stages & rites of passages of life, as our ancestors had culturally celebrated in ancient times.  She is highly effective at performing spiritual space clearings & creating customized daily rituals for others to work towards inner & outer ascension.

GHP Zaynabou Kaylani Gaye El Bey is a descendent of Chiefs & seers of the Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Tribal Nation and Grand High Priestess Vodoun Queen Marie Laveau. Grand High Priestess Kaylani is also a Chieftess, ordained Minister, High Priestess, Grand High Priestess, initiate of several different esoteric spiritual orders from indigenous, aboriginal, international & Metaphysical to gnosticism after the order(s) of Melchizedek, highly evolved Sufi orders, & more. She speaks from a warm & nurturing interfaith perspective which respects & honors the many different paths that lead to discovering the inner sacred greatness within.

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Highly Requested: , Herbal Therapeutics, Holistic Classes, Reiki & Pranic Healing, Space Clearing, Religious Rites, Officiate for Rites of Passage Ceremonies (sealed certificates included),  Vending, Holistic Wellness retreats/workshops, Healing Circles, Spiritual Psychic Readings, Religious Vaccination Exempt Forms, Living Will documentation, Holistic Wellness Consultations, Blockage Removal, Crisis Intervention, Suicide Prevention, etc.

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