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~”She (Priestess Kaylani) did a reading to find out if I should sell my house & she told me I should! I sold my house & I’m unpacking my things & loving my new home!!!” Philadelphia, PA

~”Hit the nail right on the head.” Diana, retired, Philadelphia, PA

~”Thank you Yabuza Gardens for the wonderful affirmations that are truly the highest form of acknowledging our own divine higher powers. I love this list of affirmations & vow to use several of them in my daily positive meditations.”- Robin A.

~ “During the Distance Healing session, I could feel the healing energy moving through me!” * Chattanooga,TN


~ “I just have to say this, talking with Priestess Kaylani is like stepping into the light & feeling the warmth of the Sun. When the session is over I just feel so good!” *Military Officer, Afghanistan

~”After everything Priestess Kaylani told me about myself, I felt like a king.”* Ethiopian Royalty

~”She definitely has the gift!”~ Willingboro, NJ

~”The Most High has put a tremendous intelligence inside of her (Priestess Kaylani).” * Sufi Shaykh, Philadelphia, PA

~”Lot of great insight.” Sonia, Philadelphia, PA.



~ “I love her energy so much, I listened to her radio show & heard exactly what I needed to hear.”* Philadelphia, PA

~”I invite her to officiate our rites of passage events with the young ladies because she moves with a certain distinct power.”*Montclair, NJ

~”Very insightful and positive. It felt right for me. I enjoyed it thoroughly.” Biba, Philadelphia, PA

~”Priestess Kaylani doesn’t seek to be the center of attention, she’s very quiet, & allows others to be in the spotlight, but don’t be fooled, she is definitely a mystic.”* Interfaith Guru Philadelphia, PA

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~”My parents came visited after Priestess Kaylani did the Spiritual Space Clearing. They kept saying how the energy was so much warmer & relaxing than it was before.”*Bowie, Maryland

~”Amazing reading & relevant to my current experiences.” Danita-Human Resources

~”My spirit told me to get an Chakra Reading, and she (Priestess Kaylani) was able to pick up on what I was going through in my personal life, and confirm what I already knew…that I needed to make some changes.” *Yoruba Priestess, Philadelphia, PA

~”She is an excellent example for young women to follow.” FB


~”I am very appreciative of the work that she has done for me. It has helped me to see things about myself that I didn’t know before, and the training I got from her has helped me to achieve my business goals.” Baltimore, MD

~”Good reading. I will be calling for more.” Rubye, Philadelphia, PA

~”She has a visible glow that shines from within.” FB

~”After the Reiki clearing, my libido had improved 100%”. Washington, D.C.

New Home Testimonial

~” Every time I use her ritual kits I have an amazing spiritual experience where I actually make contact. I’ve come to just expect that.” *Bronx, NY

~” Priestess Kaylani is the real deal!”* Sufi Teacher Philadelphia, PA

~ ” I really appreciate Priestess Kaylani taking the time to help me connect with my ancestors, it’s an important investment to keep these relationships & I’m grateful for her help.” *Cherry Hill, NJ

~ “I expected her to be good at doing the energy reading on me, but I wasn’t expecting her to be completely on point.”* Willingboro, NJ

~ “I always contact Priestess Kaylani for events because I know that a lot of people can benefit from her readings. I highly recommend her” Trenton, NJ

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(*Client info is shared with permission otherwise identities are kept confidential and only profession or locations are used in testimonials) 

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