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YG Logo Philosophy

Our Logo is a talisman of 3 palms of the same mudra (hand seal) which combine to prevent & protect against evil in the Spirit, Mind & Body. The inner symbol is a 3-Spiraled Motif which has ancient origins across the globe it’s meaning being indicative of the divinely ordained & protected bond between the Body, Mind, & Spirit.

YG Triskelion

Spirit : Unseen etheric divine soul presence.

Mind : The governance & direction of the flow of  intellect & emotions.

Body : Manifestation of physical experiences through the 5 senses while dwelling on Earth.


Yabuza Gardens has been  providing Holistic Spiritual Readings, Consultations, Reiki & Pranic Energy Balancing and Healing for over a decade. We can detect subtle spiritual energetic disturbances before they manifest into chronic debilitating health symptoms which deteriorate the flesh. We specialize in cleansing the spiritual blockages away which preclude the development of physical symptoms before they’ve become solidified. 

Yabuza Gardens is a ministry service branch of the Grand Temple of Denderah (GTD). An aspect of the philosophy of the GTD is self-awareness that leads to self-perfection.

The main principle of Yabuza Gardens is about the activities that help to master the discipline required to gain higher levels of True-Self-Awareness, coupled with the spirit of protective determination to preserve oneself from being or becoming impure.

 According to Natural Divine Law, daily life itself is about the steady progression towards accomplishing the great goal & reason we’ve manifested into the flesh, our purpose.

 Yabuza  Gardens offers a variety of means to offer guidance, direction, methods, practices & tools of becoming aware of our oneness, in order to experience & stay centered in our divine core.

The path of Darkness is followed by succumbing to stress, tension depression, doubts, fears, ignorance, vanity, temptation to be less than ones greatest self, sinful habits, downplaying one’s greatness, etc. ends in self-destruction.

 Our goal is to clear the way of obstacles that negate & deny our individual power, commit to what nourishes us, & live by what suits our true presence & reason for manifesting in the flesh.

 The practices & tools of Yabuza Gardens aims to help us walk the path of self purification through spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical inner-lighten-ment.




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