Metaphysical Readings & Shaman Holistic Healing

Shaman Priestess Kaylani 2016

Metaphysical Readings & Intuitive Shaman Holistic Healing

The ancient maxim “As Above So Below, As Below So Above…”, has many meanings, one of which can be understood as What occurs on the spiritual realm of the unseen, will certainly manifest in the physical realm of form.

 Our Metaphysical Readings and Holistic Intuitive Reiki and Pranic Healing Treatents, as well as our prayer and meditation treatments are designed to go hand in hand to both detect energetic disturbances in the Aura, Chakras, Chi, Kundalini etc.  and correct these disturbances.

Due to the delicate relationship between the mind, body, and spirit:

  • What occurs in the spirit will effect the mind, and thus the body positively or negatively. When energy disturbances take place in the spiritual realm person the individual may feel out of place, conflicted, weak, depleted, alone in the universe, disconnected, fearful, enraged,  powerless, hopeless, and suicidal.
  • What the mind focuses on will affect the spirit, and alter the chemistry of the body for better or worse. When energy disturbances occur in the mind, the individual may feel confused, sad, depressed, angry, resentful, annoyed, reluctant, unsure, anxious, etc.
  • What the body does regularly will either enhance (ex. yoga) or cause dysfunctions (ex. alcoholism) in the mind and uplift or drain the spirit.

Our Metaphysical Readings can be utilized to detect disturbances within the personal spiritual energetic zones and centers and our Intuitive Shaman Holistic Healing Methods have been used to clear energy blockages and correct the energy flow for many people.

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Aura Readings

This is a very important reading to get if you are an empathy and/or very sensitive to the needs of others. Make sure that your personal power is not being weighed down and weakened by the presence of others. This reading answers questions about how your environment and experiences effect the type of events which you attract and repel in your life…

Chakra Readings

  Have you ever felt like something is blocking your success. It could be that your Chakras need repair.  The 7 major Chakras absorb & emit energy & experiences which can improve or devalue the conditions of life, in the areas of personal wealth, self esteem, sustaining oneself & maintaining personal needs, self image & outlook, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, manifesting desires, being determined enough to reach one’s goals,  compassion for self & others, communication, ability to envision succeeding, ability to be guided by angelic forces, etc.

Chi Readings

A person’s Chi levels are in direct relation to how ‘Alive” they feel. Have you ever heard someone say “This job is killing me”?  Having your Chi read, is like checking how your everyday activites are affecting your the vital signs in real time.

Power Animal/Spirit Totem

Find out both the sacred animal spirit(s) and learn how to use it’s unique medicine to enhance your daily life to improve your conditions.

Akashic Record

This is a traditional psychic reading which taps into the unseen records of things to come. There is a process to how things manifest from the unseen spiritual realm of causation, into the physical realm of the clearly evident. When there are complex options and much uncertainty of which choice to make, this is the perfect reading to spiritually find out which path would generate the most success.

Kundalini Readings

The positioning of the Kundalini along the spinal column gives significant clues about where you are in your life cycle & what steps would be best to take for your soul evolution and progression.

Numerology Readings

We utilize complex Numerology systems for integrative in-depth  readings that cover a wide array of questions about many specific stages & areas of life in order to provide comprehensive answers.

Holistic Reiki Treatments

We blend our Indigenous Shaman Healing techniques with a variety of Reiki Treatments from a variety of modalities in order to customize each healing session to produce effective results.

*Each Shaman Psychic Reading session includes: Reading/Energy Scan, Interpretation, Clarification with Q & A period, Holistic Wellness Consultation with self-help tips, & advice for areas of improvement.


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