Grand Temple of Denderah Rites of Passage


The Grand Temple of Denderah originated in the autumn of 2006 with the first major ministry and community outreach being a rite of passage training regiment specifically for African-American daughters. Priestess Zaynabou Kaylani Gaye-El Bey had both studied modern and ancient rites of passage systems according to various international religious and cultural customs, and she had successfully gone through the final stages of the Kemetic gateways within her Sacred Sister Circle and underwent formal initiations of Sacred Woman at Queen Afua’s Smai Tawi healing center. Priestess Kaylani was inspired to manifest a system for training young African-American daughters through the trials & challenges of femininity, pubescence,  adolescence, personal development, positive self-identity and self-expression.






With the help of the Underground Railroad Educational Center & cafe of Burlington, New Jersey the Temple of Denderah Rites of Passage for African Daughters was a manifested success. Several intimate groups of young girls have been guided to a better understanding of the beauty of aboriginal, indigenous & African femininity & womanhood. Through the lessons, activities, trips & sharing that they were able to experience they were able to avoid the pitfalls of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, apprehension, fear of the future & emotional traumas that are common among adolescents. Due to the specified training to their culture & heritage, the Sun Seeds (enrolled young ladies) are also able to decipher harmful misrepresentations from the outside world that are meant to hinder their growth.

To date, the Grand Temple of Denderah has grown in its existence with each Sun Seed initiated into a Lotus Blossom. Today, the Temple also officiates birthing, naming ceremonies and annual sacred rites of passage (birthdays) for both boys & girls.


Entrance certificates for boys & girls.

Grand Temple of Denderah Secure Cert Najm


Grand Temple of Denderah Secure Cert Kim


We’d like to congratulate Sun Seed Zuri  for getting elected as President of the National Honor Society at the intermediate school level.

Congratulations to Grand Temple of Denderah Sun Seed Zuri for being elected President of the National Honor Society!!!
Congratulations to Grand Temple of Denderah Sun Seed Zuri for being elected President of the National Honor Society!!!



If you have questions about the Grand Temple of Denderah or if you’d like us to officiate your son or daughter’s next rite of passage: naming ceremony, birthday, coming of age, etc. send an email to or .You can also contact us by phone at  931-682-6878.

Kijana Kheper Rites of Passage Program

Our Sister & affiliate association in Montclair [NJ]  started  in 2007 & directed by Betty R., is the Kijana Kheper Female Rites of Passage Program.  Kijana Khepera accepts young ladies ages 9-19. Email  Betty

Congratulations to the Kijana Kheper Rites of Passage Initiate/Graduate Senets of Spring 2016





Kijana Kheper Secure Certificates

Kijana Kheper Graduate Photo

Congratulations to

Het-Heru Ahyoka Kioni El

 Initiate-Graduate of our Sacred Woman Sisterhood September 2015

Upcoming Initiations

Divine Mind Development Course Official Autumn 2016
Divine Mind Development: Sacred Sisterhood Course 📅Daily morning rituals, Weekly meetings held online for Sistars abroad, & Bi-weekly meetings held for Sistars in the local PA/NJ/DE/MD/NY area 13wk Online course includes: 🔥2 Chakra Readings 💨2 Aura Readings 💻online group classes for your convienence 🌱Daily Life Balancing Rituals with Grand High Priestess Kaylani 🌙Moon phase ritual meetings for local students (where applicable) 🎋Powwow gatherings with Chieftess Kaylani 👑Meditation, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Relaxation, Stress Reduction Life Enhancement, Weekly Coaching Support, Sisterhood & More! 📜Spirit Animal Reading at Naming Ceremony & Grassroots Healer Certificate awarded upon completion. Initiated Sistars may proceed to Priestess training & tribal membership! Donation Options available 931.682.6878

 Now Enrolling for Winter Courses (2017-2018) !

Contact us to reserve your seat at 931-682-6878!


chakra-clearing-course-flyer-winter-2017Now enrolling for Autumn & Winter 2017-2018 Courses!

Congratulations to SekhMaat!!!!

Congratulations to the newest Temple Initiate SekheMaat !!!
Congratulations to the Feb 2016 Temple Initiate SekhMaat !!!


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