Chakra & Chi Readings


There are 7 main spiritual energy centers called Chakras which are spread from the base of the spine to the crown of the skull. Each Chakra holds energy which emanates to affect different areas of life. When a person experiences struggles in one of the major areas of life,  the corresponding Chakra  as well as it’s present condition, can provide valuable information as to how the issues arose and what to do to correct the problem(s). Chakra Reading and Consultation ($110 $85)  offers insight about the particulars of each of your chakras’ condition and how the energy is maneuvering or blocked. We also offer Reiki in between them.

A Chi Reading & Consultation ($80 $60) can help you to find exactly how & where your vitality, youthful energy, and personal power is being utilized proficiently or overworked and drained from you. Some professional fields pull the energy from specific body parts and must intentionally be rejuvenated in order for the individual to feel charged up again. The Chi network is very similar to the cardiovascular system, in that it’s health can improve the health of all other organs when healthy, and transport much needed energy to other parts of the body in order for the body parts to function properly. However, without proper energy flow, the individual can feel very worn out. The Chi energetic system can suffer from energetic disruptions, disconnections, black outs, stagnation and a lack of force which leads to the breakdown and further dysfunction of the chakras, as well as their corresponding areas of life.