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Your Aura not only protects but attracts & repels life experiences.

Your Chakras govern different areas of life such as finances, relationships, what you are able to manifest, your ability to love & be loved, communications with others, your vision & capability to receive messages & guidance from the source of All Goodness.

However, if your Aura & Chakra conditions are out of balance due to lack of daily protection, continuous stress, overwork or trauma. In this state, you can attract experiences that should be repelled & close yourself off to what you truly desire. No one wants to lead a problematic and worrisome life that’s a magnet for negativity & drama.


This Special Includes ALL Readings!

This week’s package special:
Aura & Chakra Reading Consultations with Reiki Distance Healing Session

The standard donation requested for Aura ($90) & Chakra ($110) is reduced! Monday thru Thursday you can get your Aura and Chakra Readings and Consultations with a Reiki Energy Healing & Balancing Sessions which means that if any blockages, stagnation, holes, and/or dysfunction is found during your consultation, we can schedule a Reiki Distance Healing Session to cleanse, clear, nourish, strengthen & improve your daily energy flow to welcome beautiful life experiences!

First come first served!

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Aura Reading & Consultation $90 ($60)
Chakra Reading & Consultation $110 ($85)


 Holistic Reiki Energy Clearing & Balancing  $75 $50


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Spiritual Readings & Consultations:

Life Purpose

Love & Relationships

Career & Finance

Life Questions

Aura Readings

Chakra Readings

Chi Readings

Totem Animal Shaman Readings

Numerology Readings

Medium Readings

Kundalini Readings

Akashic Record Readings

Channel Readings

Reiki Healing

Pranic Healing

Energy Clearing & Balancing

Customized Mantras

Individual & Group Ascension Healing Rituals &  More!

Personalized Sacred Daily Healing Rituals & much more!

****All Spiritual Readings can be done over the phone or online. If any blockages, stagnation, or negative energy disruptions are found you can ask for a Reiki Distance  Healing Session to have it removed. All Spiritual Readings & Reiki Distance Healing can be done no matter where you are on the globe!

Shaman Priestess Kaylani 2016


Also find out about The Feminine Divine Collective, Higher Sensory training, info about private & online consultations with Chieftess, Grand High Priestess Kaylani & more!!!

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Muncie Lixsuwakan Online Language Courses


UPDATE: Muncie Lixsuwakan Level 1 classes are now open for enrollment!!!

Peace everyone! The Muncie Lixsuwakan Course Level 1 has just opened for enrollment!. Learn to express yourself in the language of our aboriginal ancestors. In this online course, Chieftess Kaylani will be instructing you to become bi-lingual in  Alkebu’La’Nabi aboriginal tongue. A donation [200$ for the course, or a 15$ donation per class] will secure your spot within this 13 week course! Private tutorship is also available. With the successful completion of level 1, you’ll receive a certificate to honor the culmination of the fluency skills that you have gained which also make you eligible for a seat in our Level 2 Course.


Click on the Alkebu’La’Nabi Washitawa tab on the sidebar to find out more!


 Shahada Records

*Update* The Moorish Holy Temple of Science of the World  (MHTSW)#24 now offers Shahada Records! It is not a requirement upon taking the sacred oath, but for Moslems/Muslims who would like to have a ceremonial official (MHTSW) seal-bearing record of this Spiritual Right of Passage & Affirmation of Faith, we are happy to provide it with a suggested donation [$5.00 per official color copy + shipping & handling].


Naming Ceremonies

 The Priesthood of the Grand Temple of Denderah offer birth plan assistance for expecting parents, naming ceremonies and other first rites for families and their newborns, toddlers, children & adolescents. Please ask about our family readings.

Religious Vaccination Exemption Forms

     The Grand Temple of Denderah offers religious exemption  vaccination forms for Believers who are under our counsel and spiritual advisement, both children and adults. Contact us at 931-682-6878 for more information.

Last Will & Testament

The Priesthood of the Grand Temple of Denderah assists Believers in the construction of both mental health advance directive, living will, as well as a final will and testimony according to religious and traditional spiritual doctrine.


  Divine Mind Development Courses

The Divine Mind Development Courses are ongoing training classes to learn to improve the quality of ones thoughts, emotions, actions & spiritual well being. An important feature of these courses are to learn how to heal from past traumas of one’s life. Once inner healing begins and becomes a core habit of one’s daily lifestyle, then outer healing is possible. The goal of the Divine Mind Development Courses is to awaken the talent of natural born healers and teach them how to manifest that into a professional way of life.

Ongoing Courses

 *Sacred Sisterhood Course~Now Enrolling Reserve your seat by August 15th!

Divine Mind Development Course Official Autumn 2016
↑ 13wk Online course, includes 2 Aura Readings, 2 Chakra Readings, 1 Animal Spirit Totem Reading, group online classes, Lunar phase ritual meetings (where applicable), powwow gatherings, & Grassroots Healer Certificate upon completion awarded by Natural Holistic Consultant & Grand High Priestess Kaylani
Divine Mind Development: Sacred Sisterhood Course 📅Daily morning rituals, Weekly meetings held online for Sistars abroad, & Bi-weekly meetings held for Sistars in the local PA/NJ/DE/MD/NY area 13wk Online course includes: 🔥2 Chakra Readings 💨2 Aura Readings 💻online group classes for your convienence 🌱Daily Life Balancing Rituals with Grand High Priestess Kaylani 🌙Moon phase ritual meetings for local students (where applicable) 🎋Powwow gatherings with Chieftess Kaylani 👑Meditation, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Relaxation, Stress Reduction Life Enhancement, Weekly Coaching Support, Sisterhood & More! 📜Spirit Animal Reading at Naming Ceremony & Grassroots Healer Certificate awarded upon completion. Initiated Sistars may proceed to Priestess training & tribal membership! Donation Options available 931.682.6878

chakra-clearing-course-flyer-winter-2017Chakra Development Course

{$50 Deposit Enrollment Currently Open}

Now Enrolling 10 week course. This course is a Prerequisite for Reiki I Attunement which students can opt to receive at the end of the course after successfully completion & testing.

Learn how to release stress & tension, evolve from past trauma, cleanse & clear your chakras for   improved daily life.

The course begins with an in depth Chakra Reading to find the condition of the 7 major chakras & more depending on the spiritual evolution of the student.  Each week students will receive a Holistic Life Coaching Session complete with tips to cleanse, clear & balance their bio-energetic fields. This will also have a positive affect on the vitality, life force, as well as the functions of the Aura. The goal of this course is to assist students with evolving through higher levels of self-awareness and awakening to a more enhanced quality of life.

The Chakras govern the areas of self-identity & awareness, relationships, one’s ability to manifest desires, finances & career, the ability give and receive love, communicate one’s truth, envision a better reality for oneself, openness to receiving Divine messages about making the best decisions for growth,  enjoyment of life and more!  This course offers immediate methods for the repair and maintenance of the Chakras that you can use well after the course has finished for years to come.

  *Those who complete the Chakra Clearing Course may opt to take the Final Test (not required). Successful examinees, receive Reiki I Attunement immediately after the Final Test (same day).

 **Contact us at 931-682-6878


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Upcoming Courses

Chakra Clearing

Divine Mind Development

*Reiki I- Autumn 2017

Reiki II

Pranic Healing

Space Clearing

Have negative energy removed from your dwelling space, home, office or business. If  constant arguing, fighting, child abuse, domestic abuse, chronic depression, murder, suicide,  and or other traumatic experiences have occurred, have occurred frequently or are prevalent at locations where you live, work or consistently visit, schedule an effective clearing of unhealthy, dark, & or stagnant energies that cause the environment to have unhealthy spiritual & physical effects on all who enter. If left spiritually unclean, these intense negative vibrations have often been found to lead to increased levels of stress & tension for everyone who frequents the space. Requested Donation $125

 Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness/Crisis Intervention


We offer a variety of wellness consultations for those in need, from an interfaith and universal spirit perspective, for all ages for many of today’s mal-afflictions of the mind, body & spirit. Holy texts and spiritual traditions offer a wealth of means and methods to light our way to follow the right path when things in life may appear bleak, difficult and impossible to move through. Our Priesthood has been called upon to invoke the Divine to further assist with healing on the soul level to prevent folks from participating any further in thoughts or actions which would cause further mental, emotional, or spiritual decay as well as the loss of life.

Ether Bank Note Rituals

Ether Bank Note Ritual Kits were designed & manifested by Chieftess, Grand Sheikess, & Grand High Shaman Priestess Zaynabou Kaylani Gaye El-Bey, D.M. of the Grand Temple of Denderah.

This Ritual Kit:

¨ Assists with moving through the grieving process

¨ Helps you to honor the Divine Cycle of Life & Death

¨ Helps to continue a healthy relationship with one’s ancestors under the guidance of the One True Divine

¨ Keeping a healthy relationship with one’s ancestors & predecessors for improved spiritual health

¨ Assists with the releasing of trauma between the

¨ Enhances the spiritual & etheric quality of one’s bloodline

¨ Breaks ancestral curses & other negative energy cycles

¨ Building etheric wealth that Helps to clear the Karma between the deceased & surviving family members

¨ Assists with the clearing up of ancestral debts within the family

¨ Assists to create the building of spiritual wealth & physical prosperity within the family As Above So Below

¨ Participants become representatives of the surviving family members to all those in the unseen

¨ Can be used for those whose legacy you have inherited even if you are not of the same bloodline

¨ Usage helps you to gain more protection via more guardians from the unseen in your daily activities

¨ Usage grants access to a closer connection to the One True Divine Source of the Universe

¨ Participants have commonly experienced healing

¨ Most Participants have reported an awakening of their extra-sensory-perception via contact from the unseen

¨ Assists with maintaining the purity of your ancestral practices

¨ Can be utilized to train the youth of the family to generate and maintain a direct relationship with their ancestors

¨ Can be used individually or in private family reunions

¨ Can be used in sister circle and large group gatherings

¨ Can be used for new moon rituals

*Arrangements can be made to have Grand High Priestess Kaylani facilitate & officiate ritual

Contact us at 931-682-6878 about becoming a Holy Grand Temple of Denderah Spiritual & Religious Body Member


***To Request Grand High Priestess Kaylani Spiritual Services at your next event


Phone: 931-682-6878 

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Spiritual Reading Specialties~Aura, Chakra, Chi, Totem/Medium, Numerology, Akashic Record, Kundalini, & Channeled Readings.

 Highly Requested Services: Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual ReadingsReiki & Pranic Healing, Space Clearing, Sacred Rituals, Officiate Rites of Passage Ceremonies (sealed certificates included), Lecture, Facilitate a Workshop, or Host a Healing Circle, etc.



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