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Ahau Atea Washitaw IX!!! The Alkebu’La’Nabi Washitawa, also called the Etheric Thunder Tribe, are aboriginal soul bearers. We are assisting our family members who’ve been spiritually, mentally, emotionally, & physically displaced via colonialism, wars, mis-education, etc, to reconnect with the Great Divine Spirit.

Our tribal initiations & reclamation processes are ongoing. We are steadily working to improve the literacy within our own tongue. If our will matches the will of the Most High, we shall soon post info about our ongoing tribal speaking, reading & writing classes in our native Algonquin Mandinka language.

The language and script and training system have been worked on diligently by Chieftess Zaynabou Kaylani El Bey for more than 5 years.

 UPDATE: Muncie Lixsuwakan Level 1 classes are now open for enrollment!!! Click below to listen to your instructor↓





As salaamu alaikum! Peace everyone! The Muncie Lixsuwakan Course Level 1 has just opened for enrollment! Learn to express yourself in the language of our aboriginal ancestors. In this online course, Chieftess Kaylani will be instructing you to become bi-lingual in our Muncie Lixsuwakan aboriginal tongue. A donation [200$ for the course, or a 15$ donation per class] will secure your spot within this 13 week course! Private tutorship is also available. With the successful completion of level 1, you’ll receive a certificate to honor the culmination of the fluency skills that you have gained which also make you eligible for a seat in our Level 2 Course.

In Level 2, you’ll learn more Muncie Lixsuwakan terminology as well as how to read & write in our Muncie script.

Yes, we have our own alphabet that is ready for you to learn!  

Below is an example handwritten by Chieftess Kaylani.

An example of Muncie Mobai United Washitaw written language!
An example of Muncie Mobai United Washitaw written language!


In the Level 3 Course, we will help you to master your Speaking, Literacy & Reading Comprehension abilities so that in our Muncie Lixsuwakan Level 4 Course you’ll be producing works such as articles, books, & videos etc., in the Mother tongue!

Students who successfully complete the Level 5 Course, will gain their teaching certification & be qualified to teach the mechanics of the Muncie Lixsuwakan internationally!

To enroll you must: Email or, or call 931-682-6878 with your inquiries.


To find out more about our Tribal Inductions & Initiations please email us at

Click here  to view the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Chieftess, Grand High Priestess Zaynabou Kaylani El Bey

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