Akashic Records Reading




An Akashic Records Psychic Spiritual Reading and Consultation ($85 $60) is a traditional psychic reading. The Akashic Records are the unseen records of things that have, are, and will happen in a person’s life. An Akashic Record Reading can help to see where challenges & blockages may lye along your life path & how to maneuver around them. This consultation helps people to make the best decision possible when there appears to be both many options & much confusion about which path to take. Three questions are asked about the near future and the answers are channeled from the unseen.  This reading has helped people to make significant life decisions ranging from, whether to run for political office, accept a marriage proposal, continue with expensive productions, sell an old house and purchase a new home with success. It is with our daily decisions and actions that we stay on our life path, activate our potential, & achieve our life purpose.