If you’ve noticed negative cycles repeating in your life over long periods of time it is quite likely that your Kundalini is blocked, producing stagnation and negative & seemingly endless loops in your life. These negative trends in one’s personal life may seem inescapable and an individual may turn to drugs, alcohol or other addictive habits in an attempt to ‘break free’,  ‘loosen up’ or otherwise free themselves from the cycle of reality that plays out again & again in their life.

The Kundalini placement offers many indications in regard to one’s spiritual development. Our Kundalini Readings & Consultations find the area of current level of growth of the Kundalini,  and give insight on how to further develop along the higher degrees. When Kundalini ascension is blocked it can impair the condition of one’s life for many months and years. Sometimes the Kundalini can be tightly coiled in 1 specific area causing intense heat & physical pain. In situations where this is the case, we can offer guidance, support, & services which will unblock it’s path & potential.

Utilize our Kundalini/Uraeus Readings ($90 $70) { Holistic Reiki Distance Healing Session already included} to answer questions in all of these areas and more. Your session will include the Reading, interpretation, clarification with question and answer period, as well as a customized Holistic Wellness Consultation with advisement on how to improve your wellbeing in the areas specifically indicated during your session. Call 931-682-6878 to schedule your appointment.