The science of  Numerology is an ancient method of analyzing a person to find out about:

  • Natural personality traits
  • Innate skills & talents
  • Inherent field of work  you are likely to enjoy
  • Important aspects of your Destiny
  • Types of food you should be eating & what to avoid
  • Best hobbies & exercise suited to your personality
  • Likely vulnerabilities, allergies, & dislikes
  • How to best take advantage of the opportunities presented
  • Likely health concerns
  • Current stage of life & current life cycle
  • Past life progression & Soul evolution
  • Personal inner-self talk themes & how to correct self-sabotage
  • Personal milestones of development from childhood thru adulthood, world view, & how others view you


Utilize our Numerology Readings ($95 $70) to answer questions in all of these areas and more. Your session will include the Reading, interpretation, clarification with question and answer period, as well as a customized Holistic Wellness Consultation with advisement on how to improve your wellbeing in the areas specifically indicated during your session. Schedule your appointment by contacting us at 931-682-6878.